Cover Letters

Cover letters are less common nowadays. If you do have to write a cover letter, follow this format:

  • Introducing who I am
  • Giving highlights from my resume
  • Talking about how my skills align with the skills needed for the job
  • Mentioning how I can contribute to the company
  • Talking about why I want to work at the company.

Tips: Look at the job description of the company and mention the skills that the job description says. Show how you are the perfect Candidate.

Use the lingo of the company. For example, at Goldman Sachs, if you want to do trading, you are in the Securities Division, whereas at Morgan Stanley, you are in the Sales and Trading Division.


Below is a template for a cover letter:

[Your Name]


[Your Contact Information]





[Address of Company]


Dear [If you know the name of the person, put it here]


I am a student at [College] pursuing a [Degree]. During the fall of 2014, I attended several [Company] campus presentations and network events, and was intrigued by the culture and work at [Company]. I met with [Person and Company] from the Technology Division, and became more interested in pursuing a [Position] at [Company].


[Talk about Work Experience here, and how your skills align with those of the job]


[Talk about what you can contribute to the company]


[Talk about why you want to work at the company]



Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name]

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