Tips for a Consulting Case Interview

(1) Rephrase the question

Make sure you have understood the question and the important details by rephrasing the question in your own words. Usually, a consulting case interview starts off with a lot of information including the client, the situation, the goal. To simplify this information in your own brain, it helps to rephrase the question.

(2) Explain the objectives

What is the consulting team aiming to do? Clarifying the objectives can help you find a more focused solution. Are you trying to maximize profits? Maximize market share? Increase brand awareness?

(3) Organize your answer into buckets

One of the things that will help you and the interviewer is organizing your thoughts. I like to organize my thoughts into buckets: (1) The first idea is looking at competitors… (2) The second idea is looking at costs…

(4) Give insights into numbers

You will be asked to calculate and crunch some numbers. When you arrive at a final number, give insight into that number. What does that number mean for the case? What should the CEO do as a result of that number?

(5) Use percentages for graphs

You may be given a graph with an upward trend. If possible, calculate some quick approximate percentages from the graphs. From the graph, perhaps you could say that sales have increased by around 50% over the past two years.

(6) Summarize the case at the end with your suggestion

Summarize what you have found during the case, and give your suggestion to the CEO at the end. Do you think they should acquire another company based on the information given? Should they expand their production line?

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