What is Optimize Guide?

Optimize Guide is a blog that helps you optimize your life by following our guides. Most of the 'guides' out there show you how to do something, but we show you how to do something the best way. We include practical tips to optimize certain aspects of your life, and include checklists so that you can get straight to action and keep on track.

High School Guides

From the IB, APs, A-Levels to applying to college, get your high school advice here!

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University Guides

From tests, to GPA, to clubs, to internships - get your university guides here.

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Random Guides

From building cakes to optimizing relationships, find random guides.

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Who is the Creator?

Jessica Pointing is a student at Harvard University and was previously a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She is studying Computer Science and Physics. Jessica has been a software engineering intern at Google, a consulting intern at McKinsey, an investment banking intern at Goldman Sachs and a quant intern at Morgan Stanley. Jessica has received internship offers from Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, McKinsey, Bain, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and more companies for roles in software engineering, data science, product management, consulting, investment banking, trading, quant finance and more. Jessica has helped many high school (including international students) with college applications to the USA, including Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania etc. She currently helps MIT and Harvard students with interviews, networking events, and internships. Jessica has won awards from MIT, Google, Microsoft, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Palantir, Adobe Research, Morgan Stanley and more. Her interests lie in quantum computing, education and tech entrepreneurship.